Raffsoft has an Enterprise Messaging Platform that is fast efficient and cost friendly. Our Enterprise Messaging System provides messaging services to different customers across Uganda. We have a base of over 1000 customers who use our Enterprise Messaging System. SMS support all networks in Uganda.. It doesn’t matter how many messages you want to send. It has a capacity of sending to over 1Million customers at once.

Our Bulk SMS services can be used to send huge volumes of messages to inform people about important events, notifications, campaigns or promotions.

Our Customized Bulk SMS portal includes;

  • Single SMS Delivery
  • Group SMS
  • Log Report and Delivery Report
  • Address Book (Easily import/export and manage contacts)
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly summary Reports
  • Message Scheduling
  • SMPP/HTTP connectivity
  • SMS API Integration
  • SMS delivery to multiple contacts
  • 50-100 SMS/Sec throughput

To use our Bulk SMS Services, no setup fees are required; all you need is to set-up an account by buying a given number of SMS credits

To use the Bulk SMS portal, call us on +256-414-664-984 & Our Team will Setup an account for you. Raffsoft’s Ltd highly experienced team is fully engaged and dedicated to the design and implementation of concepts tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements!

The aim is to always deliver innovative promotional campaigns, customized on the basis of each customer’s input as to the objectives the project sets out to meet. We employ a holistic customer-centric approach, taking into consideration all variables (cultural, financial, marketing, business etc.) that could potentially have an effect on the end result.

Flexibility, experience, expertise, and efficiency are the attributes that characterize our dedicated teams (Commercial, Product, Technical) working closely with each customer, taking care of all aspects to ensure the desired outcome, with minimum engagement of operators’ resources.
The ‘secret’ to our success is that we are able to customize with innovation & creativity. Ensuring maximum returns every time!