Security personnel is commonly used on very many premises in order to keep homes, companies e, remote equipment, and institutions secure. but they are always alone at the station, currently, there is no way of monitoring if they are available at the station if they are alert and not sleeping, or to check if they are in good condition at any time to carry on their work at a given

Our system uses GSM technology and Real-time clocks to keep the managers updated about the alertness of the security personnel at the guarded premises. The system has a button that the security guard presses at different intervals of the night or day and it sends a message to the management by SMS informing them that he is alert and on the station. In case he has not been able to press the button, it means the property is not guarded and needs attention. The system will turn on an alarm and send a message to management if it’s not attended to which could mean that the guard is sleeping, he will be awakened by the alarm, and if he is not on station, the management will know about it.

Guard alert system solves the following problems;

  • Keeps management informed about the security of the property.
  • Its equipped with a bell that can wakeup a security guard if he is sleeping
  • Works as an attendance roll call system for security guards stationed in remote areas
  • Uses GSM so it can be used anywhere in the world
  • Can Automatically turn on and off lights at set times of the day