Enterprise Messaging Service

Raffsoft has an Enterprise Messaging Platform that is fast efficient and cost friendly. Our Enterprise Messaging System provides messaging services to different customers across Uganda. We have a base of over 1000 customers who use our Enterprise Messaging System. SMS support all networks in Uganda.. It doesnt matter how many messages you want to send.It has a capacity of sending to over 1Million customers at once.
Our Platform has the Following Features

-Scheduling of SMS

– Personalized SMS

– On-line Account recharge

– Voice SMS

– Reports

Access our Messaging services on http://sms.raffsoft.com/admin

Promotions & Engagement Platforms

We carry out SMS Promotions which is a great way to drive customer acquisitions and sales for your business. Our SMS Promotion use a voting or competition mechanic where we ask a customer to text in a keyword such as ‘WIN’ to enter a competition and Win a prize.

We have an engagement platform which is used for engaging customers, storing Trivia Questions & engagement messages. Promotions involved participants sending WIN to a short code or by dialling USSD or answering question and get a chance to WIN great Prizes
Contact us on Phone: +256-414-664-984
Email: contact@raffsoft.co.ug