Computer Networking Services

We are here for YOU! Here at Raffsoft Ltd, our networking experts will work with you to learn the ins and outs of your business and your particular needs, and help you decide on the best philosophy, equipment and setup that your business environment will need in order to thrive. Our goal is a long-term partnership in which we can serve as a professional advisor and consultant to help you adapt to the ever-changing market and competitive business landscape.

Our IT Services Include:

Small to Large professional Office IT solutions focusing on configuration, design and support:

  • 1. Networking \ Local and Wide area \ Wireless
  • 2. Network and Server Security and encryption
  • 3. Centralized Storage Solutions
  • 4. Active Directory
  • 5. Voice over IP
  • 6. Backup \ restore Technologies onsite and offsite replication
  • 7. Telecom \ Internet
  • 8. Network printer services
  • 9. Microsoft Products (All versions of Exchange, Server and SQL)

We know that in the evolutionary environment of business technology needs, you require a consultant to lean on, that you can trust to have your best networking and technology interests in mind. We are invested in your future, and are here to help you as you grow.


Finding a skilled specialist proficient of undertaking this task in a professional and experienced manner can be a challenging task. Let us offer you our support and help. We have computer networking services providers who take care of the regular maintenance of all computer networking hardware. Our technicians will be in charge of your computer maintenance and hardware installation. The increasing use of networked computer and the internet has widened the scope of what we can do for you and your company. Our strength lies in providing all types of Computer Networking services solutions for both wired and Wi-Fi that reduces the costs and improves operati