We are living in the automation world, where everything in industries and even homes is getting automated with the help of an advanced programmable controller. An automatic bell system for schools or institutions reduces the effort necessary to control an electric bell manually that gives alarm for certain intervals of time based on school or college timings. Our system uses a simple basic micro controller to make the product affordable. Generally conservative methods need a bell operator to control the bell system for every class and intermission in schools and also institutions. Such systems relay on human effort and are therefore prone to human inconsistencies.

Our automatic bell system solves the following problems;

  • Plays bells at preset times.
  • Standalone device – no computer or any other hardware required.
  • No need to assign a person for ringing bell every time
  • Accuracy to timings
  • No manual intervention
  • Saves man power and money
  • Easy programming with the help of manual.
  • Needs to be programmed only once.
  • Plays School bell at preset times.
  • Schedule times for automatic play on each day of the week ( you can skip days of week for each program )
  • Stores Bell timing for the entire week.


  • COST EFFECTIVE: no need for human interruption like time keeper / staff to turn on or off systems
  • ACCURACY: the system switches on and off at the exact required time
  • PROGRAMMING: Device is easy to operate. It requires simple computer input to customize it to what you want.
  • OUTPUT: The system can be connected to any appliance you would like to activate with time
  • INSTALLATION: Very Easy to install
  • SCALABILITY: Yearly/Monthly/Weekly schedule can be set at time. Also Individual day programming also available.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Any day of week/month can be set as weekly off or half day accordingly.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: It works on 220 -240 VAC supply. In case of Power Failure, it can be connected with UPS/Inverter.

DUAL OPERATION MODE; The bell can be switched to operate manually or to run Automatically. this makes it easy to be used during an emergency that is off schedule.

Some of the schools where the system has been installed;

  1. Namungoona Primary School
  2. Rainbow International School
  3. Kisubi High School

For More inquiries Kindly Reach us on contact@raffsoft.co.ug